Project Description

An investment into Innovation
and active environmental protection

Use of modern and environmentally friendly technologies and processes
for our health and a clean, healthy environment.

Who or what is PlusPunkt Energie?

In addition to a strongly networked and well-established team of financing and trading companies, PlusPunkt Energie AG also encompasses a large number of innovative engineering offices, companies and technology enterprises.

Motives and goals

The aim is to continue to develop the technologies that have already been operating successfully for years in the near future:

  • thermolysis
  • the induction thermolysis
  • the carbon insulation process
  • the pressureless oiling technology
  • of the coating process
  • the hazardous waste gasification

as well as other highly innovative processes and technologies in an exit strategy to successfully establish them on the national and international market.

In addition to making an important contribution to relieving the environment from harmful influences, this is intended to show that clean energy can already be produced sensibly with the technologies available today and that the existing waste problems can be eliminated without increasing risks for people and the environment.

The advantages of these new processes and their technologies make it possible to offer an overall concept and implement it consistently.

PlusPunkt Energie has set itself these tasks.

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  • Promotion of innovative technologies and their market introduction
  • Development of financing programmes for the implementation of these technologies
  • Assessment of the feasibility and profitability of the projects, procurement of the necessary capital through financing programmes such as national and EU funding
  • Determination and coordination of the processes, planning, monitoring of the projects up to the handover of the facilities
  • Further development of the facilities and other new processes and technologies
  • Creation of energy self-sufficient regions and conurbations
  • Stabilisation of regionally existing energy networks
  • Solution of waste problems by using waste for recycling as raw materials
  • Use of waste for sensible and environmentally friendly energy production

One of the most important tasks of the future is to preserve nature, regenerate existing raw materials and produce clean energy at low cost. This requires a worldwide network of people who are committed to spreading these ideas. The existing network around the PlusPunkt Energie team is very well positioned for this, both nationally and internationally. The societies, institutions and companies that face up to these tasks and the responsibility they entail form an ideal combination of science, finance and political/economic connections with a clear technical and conceptual orientation.

The network already includes a number of personalities who see themselves as ambassadors of the comprehensive concept and philosophy of this idea. These personalities come from the most diverse social backgrounds. However, these projects also benefit from the innumerable opportunities to be implemented in the most diverse regions and climate zones. The listed technologies are guaranteed, from planning to implementation, from a single source with German know-how. With a strong team of engineers, suppliers and production companies, we guarantee the functionality and safety of the plants.

All plants are constructed and commissioned in accordance with the standards and environmental criteria required by German law. Due to the complex and proven economic and personal interrelationships with other companies, further products and innovative technologies can be marketed and sensibly implemented in the future.

Further key aspects are the study of the symbiotic connection of biology, chemistry, physics and technology.

The aim is the specialized education and training of technical occupational groups and the training of users of our technologies. In all projects we will cooperate with national and international educational institutions, such as TU Dresden, TU Freiberg, FH Merseburg and FU Berlin.

In addition to training and further education, we will organize seminars and lectures on new and current environmental technologies.

Location for: Tandem coating plant

  • Planned investments: approx. EUR 46 million
  • EU and national funding programmes approx. EUR 43 million

Focus: Product development, product manufacturing and marketing, viewing object for investors, marketing of products, machinery and equipment

  • Workstations approx. 40 employees
  • Start of construction 2nd quarter 2020
  • Start of production 1st quarter 2021

The current state of development

From the large number of products already developed so far, the following areas have been certified and released for the market:

  • Power storage technology
  • Heating
  • Power production
  • Air conditioning units
  • Lighting

There are almost no limits to the possible applications. This means that all the products listed above are already approved as products.

2. The production process

A sample product is manually manufactured and tested in the test facility. Afterwards the production line is set up and loaded. In a kind of printing process, a special printing paste is applied to a carrier material.

4 plant modules form the production plant.
Each module is equipped with a crane robot and a separate drying chamber. The end products leave the plant every 15 seconds, i.e.: 240 pieces per hour or over 5,000 pieces in a daily production.
All necessary connections are “printed” on the parts during the application process.

3. Advantages of the coating technology
(1) High production yield, versatile application possibilities
Fully automatic process, coating possible on almost all flat surfaces.
(2) CO2- neutral production
The CO2 emission is climate neutral, no environmental pollution!

High availability
The innovative plant technology is controlled and operated fully automatically
It is self-cleaning
(4) Continuous operation
The plants are demonstrably running 24/7
(5) Security
Complete monitoring of all technical processes
(6) Planning security
Unproblematic conversion of the plant to other production goods, e.g. – Electricity storage technology

  • Air conditioning units
  • Lighting
  • Heating

(7) Clear production process
Simple structural requirements, easy operation of the system.
Fully automatic production process, only the loading and setting up of the plant and the packaging of the produced goods is done manually.
(8) Expansion of new technologies and products
Every company that we support as a cooperation partner will benefit from the further development of new products.
(9) Space-saving production site
The required production hall only requires an area of 20m x 10m, plus office, storage and sanitary rooms

The novelty of this coating is firstly the complete production process, secondly the use of diffuse twilight and thirdly the static advantages, as this involves, for example, light foil instead of heavy metal frames and glass. Due to the novel production process the manufacturing costs are absolutely minimized. The coatings are applied with highly automated special machines. This allows coatings to be produced extremely efficiently in large quantities.
After the coating process, the individual layers are dried with a special heating system. In this process, various semiconductor layers are applied, right up to the complete interconnection of all components.
The temperature range has been thoroughly tested from minus 50 degrees to 150 degrees. Another important advantage is that the foils manage completely without expensive silicon.
Another novelty is that the coatings can even generate electricity from diffused light. Thus, even in countries where the use of solar cells would normally be absurd, electricity can be generated by these coatings.
The coatings’ annual electricity production is already higher than that of conventional solar modules.

In principle, any material with a smooth surface (e.g. glass, paper, plastic, metal, etc.) can be printed with the developed storage coating. This results in excellent application possibilities in the most diverse technical areas. Due to the new manufacturing process with regard to rechargeable batteries, the manufacturing costs are completely minimized.
The coatings are applied with highly automated special machines. The resulting storage tank is dry meaning it can be installed safely and without high technical effort.In this way, 400 square meters of coatings can be produced extremely efficiently per hour.

The temperature range from minus 40 degrees to plus 120 degrees has been successfully tested.
Another important advantage is that the foiled materials do not require any expensive lithium and are therefore harmless and non-toxic.
The aim is to completely store the electricity produced by an apartment or other building for personal use, e.g. in the walls.

This bright shining coating is produced at low cost. In principle, any material with a smooth surface (e.g. glass, paper, plastic, metal etc.) can be printed with the developed luminous paint. This results in excellent selling possibilities in the most diverse areas.
If the luminous paste is applied to foils, the advantage is that the resulting luminous foil is absolutely flexible and allows for a depth of less than 1 mm.
The size of the illuminated area is only limited by the print format.
Entire offices, factories, airports or houses or large poster panels could be illuminated. It is worth mentioning that the light shines very evenly, without glare or flicker and with very low power consumption.
The efficiency is well over 90 percent. Luminous intensities of over 1,000 CD/m2 (Candela) are conceivable.
Furthermore, the developed luminous coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It tolerates wetness and moisture. The luminous film can also be used underwater.
The temperature range can be between minus 45 degrees and plus 95 degrees Celsius. The operating time is extremely long and is currently around 50,000 hours depending on the application.

Worldwide supermarkets and consumer electronics stores are increasingly relying on electronic price tags on the shelves. This means that prices can be changed at the push of a button from the head office. Currently, employees would still have to change hundreds of price labels week after week.
on the shelves by hand. This is not only time-consuming, but also repeatedly leads to incorrect price markings and customer complaints.
Even in the case of perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables, the shops would use the opportunity to reduce prices as much as necessary to sell off everything, depending on the situation. Electronic price tags could even pave the way for much more revolutionary sales strategies in the future.

Technology as electrically switchable electro-chrome coating

Intelligent coatings are switchable coatings whose light transmission can be changed by applying an electrical voltage.
The generic term intelligent glass covers various techniques and fields of application. Depending on the design, these glasses could, for example, serve as sun protection (glass remains transparent) or take over the function of a visual protection (glass becomes opaque).
Their advantage is that windows in front of office rooms could discolour when an electrical voltage is applied and thus temporarily take on the properties of sun protection glass.
Since the total energy transmission of electro-chromic glass is between approx. 38 and 11%, the building can no longer overheat as much in summer. It may not achieve the shielding effect of an external sun protection system, however, even on particularly hot days a surface temperature of only about 25 – 30 degrees Celsius was measured on the inside of the darkened window panel.
Meanwhile it can also be operated at the push of a button. The colouring can thus be easily regulated in various stages by a control unit. Thanks to this simple operation without the need for building automation, the system is now also interesting for residential buildings.
The process takes only a few seconds. If the applied voltage is alternated, the glass becomes transparent again.

The novel heating paste works on the principle of direct conversion of electrical energy into radiant energy by means of an energy-converting layer. The emitted surface radiation can be adjusted in its intensity, wavelength and frequency to the emitted heat radiation of the living beings and material in the room.

The dynamics and the high efficiency of this system guarantee an efficient and flexible use of this heated coating.
The TÜV Rheinland carried out measurements not only on the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and EMC U (electrosensitivity), but also on the immunity to external interference fields and radio interference emanating from the heating coating.

The measurements showed: This heating system can be classified as completely harmless.
Depending on the mixture, temperatures of up to approx. 500 degrees Celsius are possible, and this with a layer thickness of less than a 15 thousandth of a millimeter!
Since this heating layer shows no signs of abrasion during use, enormously long service lives of 30 years, for example, can be achieved depending on the structure of the actual product.

Due to the dynamics and high efficiency of this system, energy savings are achieved compared to other heating systems. Thanks to the super-flat design and the individual colour design the heating modules fit perfectly with interior designs. There are no limits to creative design wishes!
Due to the low inertia of this system, there is no need to preheat the rooms for a long time. The efficiency of the electric heating system presented here is, according to the scientific findings mentioned, at a tested 100% efficiency. The heater is available in different versions with outputs between 300 and 600 watts.

Lower installation costs than with conventional heating systems

The heating surfaces are simply mounted on the wall with 4 screws. The radiating surfaces are connected to the control unit (thermostat) by cable or radio, as required.

  • no laying of pipes and no chimney necessary
  • no heating room necessary, fuel tank not required, – no laying of gas connection lines!

Service life

The coating itself is not subject to abrasion. Certificates from renowned testing institutes regarding the long service life are also available.

The novel system embodies a living room air conditioning system, like that of a panel radiant heating system with a modified new coating, offering the highest level of comfort. It works on the principle of direct conversion of electrical energy into radiant energy by means of an energy-converting layer.

The process for the production of cold has already been tested positively. At this stage, tests are being carried out in the combination of a complete air conditioning system, whereby solutions to problems in the area of the discharge of the condensation water produced are in demand. Also the use in the car industry, air traffic etc. are planned as test targets.

No technical risks with the printing pastes, because the pastes are produced with laboratory machines, where well-known manufacturers of this machine guarantee the upscaling capability (paste produced on laboratory machines can be produced on large machines as well, only in mass)

  • Corresponding prototypes of the various coatings are available, – TÜV approvals for products already developed with the pastes are available.
    a) The production is completely ISO-9001 certified, i.e. all production steps are documented according to international standards and are traceable for any normal “technician”.
    b) The corresponding production recipe for the pastes is deposited with 3 different notaries for security reasons.
    c) As the pastes are completely free of rare earths, a shortage of raw materials cannot be considered realistic. Basically, one can assume that the pastes will become cheaper over time, as the price depends strongly on the production quantity.
    d) The performance parameters of the products can easily be adapted to the customer and his wishes.

Due to the coating thickness and the consistency of the paste, the performance can be increased many times over.


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