Project Description

Closed project recycling of
waste from the metal industry

The perspective approach is a strategic investment in the metal sector.

Red Mud

Red mud is a hazardous etching waste, which is produced after the mining of bauxite ore with sodium hydroxide in the Bayer process for the extraction of aluminium. 85 million tons of red mud from past and present metallurgical activities are dumped in landfills in countries in the Western Balkans, Greece and Hungary.

These landfills still contain significant amounts of heavy metals, including Fe, REEs and TiO2. The main objective is to establish a self-sustaining network of stakeholders along the Al value chain, including potential users of extracted heavy metal concentrates and potential users in the construction sector. In the further course of the project, this should ensure and optimise the waste-free extraction of metals and building materials, such as sand, from red mud residues.

Best Available Technology

The planned project will evaluate the existing “Best Available Technology” for magnetic gravity separation (originally developed for the extraction of heavy metals from various ores) and subsequently use it for the extraction of heavy metals, REEs and construction materials from red mud.

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